Danmark har flest COVID-19 døde per million i Norden

Fra Nordea:

In Scandinavia, Denmark is still the country with most fatal outcomes per 1 million citizens, while Norways test-strategy (Norway has tested more than South Korea) seems to have been enough to dampen the curve already. It is still hard to tell the difference between Denmark and Sweden on fatality data, even though the two countries have taken very different approaches to the Corona virus. Swedish case data started to show some signs of acceleration late last week and into the weekend, which was not the case in the same way in Danish data.

Chart 4: Hard to tell the difference between Denmark and Sweden on fatality data

It is still too early to tell whether the fatality curves in e.g. Sweden and Denmark will wane (much) faster than for example the Italian one. There are already signs that the curves in Scandinavia will be more benign, but it is still a little too early to tell. So far there are no capacity issues in the Scandinavian health system, which bodes well ahead of the coming week or two.

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Chart 5: Sweden almost on same path as Italy, but the trend has thankfully started to wane

Here is the total overview of corona cases. The amount of critical cases in Spain have now surpassed the amount of cases in Italy, while e.g. Denmarks 113 critical cases are only accounting for roughly 10% of the total capacity of ICUs in Denmark.

Table 1: Global overview of Corona cases

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