I seneste update fra kreditvurderingsfirmaet Moody’s hedder det om mulige op- eller nedgraderinger:

What Could Change the Rating – Up
In line with the rationale for the positive outlook on Danske Bank A/S’ ratings, upward pressure on the rating is most likely to result from a sustained improvement in profitability towards the 9% target, which again is likely to result from amongst others lower provisioning levels and increased cost efficiency.

What Could Change the Rating – Down
While the current positive outlook on Danske Bank A/S’ ratings indicates that a downgrade is currently unlikely, any renewed pressure on asset quality in Denmark will likely lead to a revision of the positive outlook to stable. Other indications that Danske Bank will not deliver and be able to sustain the anticipated improvement in profitability or that the group’s long term franchise strength has been impaired as a result of the problems faced by the group during the crisis, will likely result in a revision of the positive outlook. We will also continue to evaluate the treatment of Danish covered bonds as eligible assets for Basel III liquidity ratios, and any transitional costs that may be incurred for Danske Bank as a result of such assets not being ultimately eligible.