Fra Signes Q1 præsentation- transcript fra investormøde


, we had a very, very tough start of the year, it was not a great Valentine’s Day, but the good news for us and why we still feel strongly about reaffirming our guidance is that if you normalize Mother’s Day calendar, sequentially, after Valentine’s Day, into March, into April, and leading into Mother’s Day, we continued to get sequentially better and better, and we saw enhanced performances not only across our categories of products and across our brands of stores, but, just as importantly, we saw enhanced—sequential enhancements to our online exposure and customer experience. We continue to get better at increasing our traffic, we continue to get better at increasing our conversions, and we continue to get better at increasing our online sales. One thing that we know more now than ever is that online experience for our customer is a critical and it will affect the in-store experience. So, the better we get online, the better the in-store experience and in-store sales will be. So, that’s why we continue to have confidence in our reaffirmation of our guidance, because we have seen the sequential improvement of our business straight from the end of Valentine’s Day all the way through and into Mother’s Day