PMI: Erhvervstillid i Eurozonen fortsætter ned mod recession niveau

PMI for Eurozonen fra Markit – læs hele meddelelsen her:

“The weakness of the recent survey data in fact
raises the possibility that the goods producing
sector could even act as a drag on the overall
economy in the fourth quarter, representing a
marked contrast to the growth surge seen this time
last year. The last three months of 2018 saw
manufacturers report the worst quarterly
performance in terms of production since the
second quarter of 2013.

“Worryingly, current production levels were
achieved only by firms eating into backlogs of
orders received in prior months and a dearth of new
orders means capacity will be cut back in coming
months unless demand revives. December saw a
third consecutive monthly drop in new orders.

“More encouragingly, some of the recent weakness
could prove temporary, being the result of protests
in France and the auto sector struggling to adjust to
new emissions regulations. However, the
undercurrent of weak demand and growing risk
aversion evident across the surveys suggests that
any rebound could prove modest at best, with
Brexit representing a particularly worrying unknown
for the outlook.”

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