PMI Eurozonen: Erhverstillid viser styrke i februar trods coronavirus

PMI for Eurozonen- læs hele meddelelsen her:

“The eurozone economy managed to pick up some
momentum again in February despite many
companies having been disrupted in various ways
by the coronavirus, which caused supply problems
and showed signs of hitting travel and tourism
numbers in particular. The flash PMI has climbed to
a six-month high, consistent with GDP growing at a
quarterly rate approaching 0.2%.

“The expansion is being led by welcome resilience
in the service sector but manufacturing is also
showing encouraging signs of pulling out of the
downturn that has plagued producers for over a
year, with new orders falling at the slowest rate
since late-2018.

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“However, the outlook remains highly uncertain,
notably in respect to the potential for further
disruptions to supply chains, travel, tourism and
demand arising from the coronavirus outbreak. In
particular, the widespread delivery delays seen in
February bode ill for production in March unless
new deliveries can be secured.

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“While the February survey data are welcome news
in a month in which media headlines have been
dominated by fears of economic growth being hit by
the COVID-19 outbreak, the full immediate impact
may not yet be apparent.”

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