Mens striden i Danmark raser om Nykredits forhøjelser af bidragssatserne, der angiveligt er begrundet i forventede højere kapitalkrav fra Basel-reglerne, kæmper regeringen for at undgå sådanne højere kapitalkrav. I et høringssvar til Basel-komitéen skriver regeringen bl.a.: ”We support the Basel Committee’s view that the objective of the revised standardised approach is not to increase overall capital requirements. As mentioned in our general comments, it is in our view equally important that the calibration does not impose a capital requirement increase for certain jurisdictions or specific low risk portfolios which is not justified by risk. This needs to be carefully considered going forward. We support elements in the proposal which implies a more risk sensitive approach in relation to the risk weights to real estate exposures. For instance, we support that an exposure where repayment is materially dependent on cash flows generated by the property is assigned a higher risk weight. Also for residential real estate exposures, we support that the risk weight varies dependent on the loan-to-value (LTV).”