US: Værste erhvervstillid i otte år ryster nervøst aktiemarked

16:20 USA PMI fra Markit – Læs hele meddelelsen her

Markit, said:
“With the exception of the government-shutdown of
2013, US business activity contracted for the first
time since the global financial crisis in February.

Weakness was primarily seen in the service sector,
where the first drop in activity for four years was
reported, but manufacturing production also ground
almost to a halt due to a near-stalling of orders.

“Total new orders fell for the first time in over a
decade. The deterioration in was in part linked to the
coronavirus outbreak, manifesting itself in weakened
demand across sectors such as travel and tourism,
as well as via falling exports and supply chain
disruptions. However, companies also reported
increased caution in respect to spending due to
worries about a wider economic slowdown and
uncertainty ahead of the presidential election later
this year.

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“The survey data are consistent with GDP growth
slowing from just above 2% in January to a crawl of
just 0.6% in February. However, the February survey
also saw a notable upturn in business sentiment
about the year ahead, reflecting widespread
optimism that the current slowdown will prove shortlived.”



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