Gennemsnittet af de seneste seks meningsmålinger viser klar fremgang til nej-siden til EU op til den kommende Brexit afstemning i juni


WhatUKThinks_EU (2)

The What UK Thinks: EU Poll of Polls is based on the average share of the vote for ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ in the six most recent polls of voting intentions in the EU Referendum.

The bar chart to the right shows the average of the six most recent polls, the fieldwork for which was conducted between  25 April and 3 May 2016. It is based on two (online) polls by ICM, one (online) poll by  ORB, one (online) poll by Opinium, and one (online) poll by TBS, together with  one (phone) poll by Survation and one (online) poll by YouGov, which, because they share exactly the same fieldwork dates and are the oldest polls in the series, are included with both counting as half a poll. The most recent addition is a poll conducted by TNS between 26 and 28 April but was only published after more recent polls conducted by ICM, Opinium and ORB .

The line graph below shows how the Poll of Polls has changed since polling based on the question that will appear on the ballot paper began in September 2015. The date at the bottom of the graph represents the date on which interviewing for the most recent poll in that set of six was concluded. Details of which companies’ polls are included in each estimate can be seen as you drag your cursor along the line graph.

Note the series includes both polls that were only conducted in Great Britain and those that were conducted across the United Kingdom as a whole.

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