The What UK Thinks: EU Poll of Polls is based on the average share of the vote for ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ in the six most recent polls of voting intentions in the EU Referendum.

The bar chart to the right shows the average of the six most recent polls, the fieldwork for which was conducted between  12 and 19 April 2016. It is based on two polls by ICM (one phone, one online), one (phone) poll by ORB, one (phone) poll by Ipsos MORI and one (phone) poll by ComRes, together with (as half a poll each) one by YouGov and one by TNS that share exactly the same fieldwork dates and are the oldest polls in the series.   The most recent addition is a poll conducted by ComRes between 16 and 19 Apri




Odds hos betting bureauerne favoriserer heller ikke et UK nej til fortsat EU deltagelse.