ECB Møde: Dragi fastholder plan om at stoppe obligationskøb

Uddrag fra FT:
Mario Draghi has joined most of the world’s other big central bankers in halting crisis-era stimulus programmes, announcing on Thursday that the European Central Bank would call time on its own €2.6tn bond-buying scheme.

The decision, reached unanimously by the ECB governing council, ends nearly four years of monthly purchases of new government and corporate bonds in the eurozone. Mr Draghi credited the policy with occasionally being “the only driver of this recovery”.

Although the ECB has long signalled it would end new purchases this month, the move marked an important milestone for the eurozone, which will now be left to manage its economy with more traditional tools such as interest rate changes.

Although advocates believe the programme helped drive a robust post-crisis recovery, Mr Draghi is ending new bond purchases at a time when eurozone growth is faltering. He acknowledged risks were “moving to the downside” because of trade tensions, geopolitical turbulence and volatility in financial markets.