PMI Tyskland: Erhvervstillid fortsat tæt på 69 måneder laveste

PMI Tyskland – læs hele meddelelsen her:

“The overall picture for Germany’s private sector
has changed very little according to April’s flash
data, with strong growth across the services
economy continuing to counteract the export-led
weakness in manufacturing. Though the PMI has
ticked up from March’s 69-month low, it’s merely
signalling the same modest rate of underlying
growth as seen on average over the opening
quarter of the year.

“Slight upticks in the manufacturing indices for
output, new orders and employment saw the
headline Manufacturing PMI post its first rise in nine
months, albeit with the latest reading nonetheless
the second-lowest since mid-2012. Amid reports of
a declining car industry, strong competition across
Europe and generally subdued global demand, the
data showed another steep drop in German goods
exports and the lowest confidence among
manufacturers for six-and-a-half years.

“The survey continues to highlight strong job
creation across the service sector, which is in turn
supporting wage growth and means we should see
consumer demand continue to rise during the
second quarter.”

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