I et forskningspapir med titlen ”What’s Behind the All-Time High in M&A?” søges forklaringer på de det seneste års rekordmange mega deals. Vurderingen er også, at boom i megadeals plejer at ende med et aktiekrak: ”Mega-mergers drove 2015 to the new record of $5 trillion, beating the previous high set in 2007. Strategic deals in particular have grown in size as larger and larger companies agree to merge or be acquired. There were 69 deals over $10 billion last year, beating the 2007 record of 43, and last year was the first time that 10 deals surpassed the $50 billion benchmark. We saw the biggest deals ever in health care, beverages, chemicals, tech, and food. And, for the first time, Asia outpaced Europe in total M&A. Such large deals have many wondering how much longer the boom can last—and how painful it might be when it ends. One sign that a merger wave may be at its end is a pattern of falling stock prices for the companies involved in a deal on the day of its announcement.”