Hermes’ hjemmeside gennemgåes fondens initiativer på de børsnoterede selskabers generalforsamlinger og ved direkte engagement de seneste år. Hermes skriver som udgangspunkt, at ”Hermes EOS’ approach goes beyond short-term financial gain. We concentrate on value added over the long term by engaging with companies and policy-makers on environmental, social, governance, risk and strategy issues. Below we highlight some of the impact we have had on companies we have engaged with on these key themes.” På hjemmesiden gennemgås de konkrete actions fordelt på en stribe undergrupper. Miljø udgør ca. en femtedel af de beskrevne actions: ”We seek relevant environmental indicators and encourage companies to manage their environmental footprint, set appropriate targets and disclose progress. We want to hold companies to account for the way they manage natural resources and work towards a sustainable low-carbon economy.” Actions omkring governance udgør 37 % og strategi andre 18 % af initiativerne: Om governance oplyses, at “Hermes EOS promotes transparency and high standards of accountability at companies worldwide.  We seek reassurance that companies have an appropriate board structure, and that board members have the right skills, a diverse background and sufficient independence.”