PMI: Industriproduktionen i Sverige falder

Den svenske industriproduktion faldt i november, ifølge PMI-tallet, til 45,4. Det understreger en fortsat svag industrisektor.

Uddrag fra Nordea:

The manufacturing PMI in Sweden decreased further to 45.4 in October (46.0 in October). This was lower than expected, and the lowest levels since 2012.

All sub-indices remained at troublesome levels. All indices for order intake decreased, the biggest drop on export orders. However, the forecast for the coming six months increased slightly.

The index for employment has been below 50 for three consecutive months. This is in line with other indicators, suggesting that manufacturing companies are cutting staff.

All in all, global demand is weak, which is reflected in the PMI. Low levels of Swedish PMI also point to further deterioration for the European manufacturing industry. However, today’s reading is not likely to affect the Riksbank, which is set to lift rates to zero in December.

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Details, November:
PMI: 45.4 (prior 46.0)
Order intake: 44.0 (prior 46.8)
Export orders: 45.3 (prior 48.2)
Production: 45.6 (prior 44.4)
Employment: 46.5 (prior 49.0)
Inventories: 48.7 (prior 50.5)
Production plans 6 months ahead: 52.7 (prior 50.0)


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