USA’s centralbank ser mere positivt på økonomien

Fed-chefen Jerome Powell siger, at glasset er halvt fuld

De seneste meldinger fra den amerikanske centralbank, Fed, er positive omkring den amerikanske økonomi, og det er meldinger, der synes at holde, hvis Kina og USA indgår en handelsaftale. Fed-chefen Jerome Powell vil blive husket for gårs

Uddrag fra Saxo:

So we had two FOMC members on tape o/n, Powell & Brainard…

Powell pretty much said the glass is half full, giving a positive take on the state of the US economy. Again as per his testimony from two wks back – for now, the pause button is firm pressed at the Fed

Brainard was also constructive on the economy, noting also that we still have not gotten the full effect of the three cuts this year

To see the full transcripts of their speeches please click here Brainard & Powell

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Meanwhile the script is that equity markets continue to lift higher on news of further talks between Trump & Xi. So easy question, if the trade deal is as good as done, the Fed is happy with where things are, US flash PMIs bounced back strongly last wk, equities are up, volatility is down, then why are bond yields moving lower?


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