USAs statsgæld vokset til dramatiske 25.000 milliarder dollar

I dag begynder det amerikanske finansministerium at sælge nye 20-årige statsobligationer for 20 milliarder dollar. Investorerne venter, der bliver en stærk efterspørgsel. Statsgælden er steget med 15 pct. det seneste år til dramatiske 25.000 milliarder dollar.

Uddrag fra Fidelity/Reuters:

Twenty-year Treasury bond will add to $25 trillion U.S. debt pile

Investors expect robust demand for the Treasury Department’s new $20 billion issue of 20-year bonds, set to launch Wednesday, from U.S. institutions, foreign investors and other market participants.

Here’s a quick look at how much debt the U.S. has issued over the last few years and who has been buying:


The government’s borrowing needs have jumped dramatically in recent weeks, after Congress authorized trillions in spending to fend off an economic hit from the coronavirus pandemic, which has slammed U.S. growth. The U.S. plans to sell a total of $54 billion of the 20-year bonds over the next three months.

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The Treasury said earlier this month it intends to increase auction sizes across all nominal coupon tenors over the May-to-July period, with the increases larger in the 7-year, 10-year, 20-year and 30-year categories. The largest increase will be on the 10-year note.

U.S. national debt now stands at more than $25 trillion, up 15% since a year ago, according to U.S. Treasury Department data.

Traditionally, dealers and brokers, investment funds and foreign investors account for the purchase of most of the longer-dated bonds auctioned by the U.S. Treasury, according to a Reuters analysis of SIFMA data.

About 65% of U.S. debt is held domestically by the Federal Reserve, pension funds, mutual funds and other U.S. investors.

Foreign holdings of U.S. Treasuries stood at $6.81 trillion in March, after hitting an all-time peak of $7.066 trillion the previous month, Treasury Department data showed.

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Japan, the largest non-U.S. holder of Treasurys, owned $1.271 trillion in March. China, the second-largest foreign holder, held $1.081 trillion.


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